There is much to think about when acquiring a new or pre-owned vehicle. Which model is best for me? Should I purchase or lease? How can I protect my investment over time?

Relax - you are already making the right move by considering purchasing or leasing a Toyota. So it makes sense to think of Toyota when considering your finance or lease options, and to protect your investment over the years.

Keep it in the Toyota family with Toyota Financial Services - a company you can trust to provide quality in everything it does. At Caledon Toyota our commitment is to our customers - you'll get no hassles, no hard sell, no complicated pricing or gimmicks. Just sound advice and unbeatable products and services for you and your particular needs.

Our Certified Financial Services Manager will help you make the most of your new vehicle acquisition. Our Financial Services Manager is qualified to present you with a wide range of financial products and services that will make owning your Toyota as worry-free and dependable as your car or truck itself. She will also present you with all products and services in a consultative manner to meet your unique needs..