From R1 111 000

Toyota GR Supra

Introducing the new GR Supra, a chic sports coupe that is designed with a sleek style and dramatic contours that amplify its sporty look. The Supra has a rich heritage of purebred sporty performance which is exemplified in the first-generation GR Supra, the car that sports enthusiasts have waited for. Its exterior perfectly expresses its athleticism with dramatic contours and a low rear spoiler.

Compact luxury and outstanding performance

The Supra is the perfect illustration of individuality and sporty style and features a limited colour range of monochrome black or two-tone black and red that highlight the athletic simplicity of this purebred sports car’s design. The interior underscores the Toyota Supra’s racing-inspired style with electronic heated genuine leather ergonomic racing seats, optional Alcantara upholstery.

The Supra’s distinguished design offers superior driving

With its exceptional design and powerful 6-cylinder turbocharged engine, i’s clear that the Toyota GR Supra was designed with pure performance in mind. The engine now features direct fuel injection and combines with an 8-speed automatic engine with steering-mounted gear-shifting paddles.

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Model Range


    GR Supra Track

    From R1 111 000

    GR Supra

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    GR Supra Matte Grey

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